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Russ College community shines in new undergraduate viewbook

By Colleen Carow and Adrienne Cornwall | Nov 25, 2013

Russ College community shines in new undergraduate viewbook

By Colleen Carow and Adrienne Cornwall | Nov 25, 2013

The unique story of creating for good at the Russ College is the focus of a new undergraduate viewbook, a totally redeveloped, redesigned, hallmark recruiting piece for prospective students.

Distributed through recruitment events and large fall mailings in personalized envelopes, the viewbook’s opening pages invite each reader to find the way to create for good that fits him or her individually. A two-page spread of dozens of “tag yourself” photos of individuals then introduces the broader college community. Following that, a series of eight spreads – each profiling a student an academic program – shows the breadth and depth of Russ College offerings.

“I’ve already had the chance to use the viewbook at a recruiting event and am very excited about how it has been received,” said Jeff Giesey, associate dean for academics. “The relational tone of it really helps the prospective student visualize what it would be like joining us here in the Russ College. It also gives the many students who are not sure of what major they want, a great overview of our programs in one energetic piece.”

The viewbook closes with the tag theme, including an actual printed “tag” for the reader to fill out and pin up in a prominent place – a school locker or the fridge at home – or to photograph it and post it on Facebook.

An additional online component, shared via a link on the last page, enables prospective students to connect more deeply via the Internet with more detail about the featured students, their aspirations and how they’ll use engineering and technology to create for good. While there, users can customize a tag and upload it directly to Facebook.

Readers can also sign up for the Russ College weekly E-newsletter, and request more information on specific programs of their choice by being mailed one-page pieces that highlight program offerings, benefits, activities, alumni employers and more. These one-page pieces can be printed in small batches and easily revised to reflect program changes in order to keep production costs low and give departments flexibility.

Thousands of prospective students will receive the books this fall by mail in a personalized envelope featuring each recipient’s name in bold type to ask how he or she will create for good. College fairs, campus visits and other events will provide personal touch points for additional distribution. Printing costs for the viewbook were reduced by more than half over the former method of individual program brochures.

The viewbook was designed by the Columbus, Ohio, creative agency Ologie, and coordinated and developed by the Office of External Relations, with portraits by Russ College photographer Rebecca Miller. The online component was designed by Ologie, produced by local firm Electronic Vision, and coordinated, developed and written by the Office of External Relations, also featuring additional photography by Miller.