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Meet + Greet: Michael “Mike” Deis, Director of the Avionics Engineering Center

Meet the Russ College’s new crop of faculty and staff members this year in this series of interviews, and stop by their offices to greet them in person.
 | Jun 27, 2018
Mike Deis

Meet + Greet: Michael “Mike” Deis, Director of the Avionics Engineering Center

Jun 27, 2018

Mike Deis followed his own path when his college plans didn’t work out. Now armed with 35 years of organizational and technical leadership experience, he’s helping others forge their own paths. 

Where are you from, and what brought you to Athens?

I’m from Dayton, Ohio, and I split my time between the Avionics Engineering Center on the Athens campus, and the Russ Center for Professional Development and Research in Beavercreek, Ohio, and the . 

Where did you prepare for your profession, and what was memorable about your experience?

I received a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from Wright State University in 1982; a master’s degree in systems engineering from the University of Florida in 1996; and a doctorate in management and organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix in 2010. I consider myself a lifelong learner, with my education spread out over my technical and leadership experience.

Was there a moment or time you knew you’d become an engineer?

I liked electronics in high school, and I became an electronics technician in the Air Force in 1974. That experience motivated me to pursue an electrical engineering degree when I left the Air Force. 

What will you do at the Russ College?

My primary role is to develop the Russ Center and lead the Avionics Engineering Center. I would like to teach leadership development courses eventually. 

At the Russ College, we “create for good.” You’ll be hearing this a lot because it’s true. How will you “create for good” while you’re at the Russ College?

I will create a research center with internship and job opportunities in the Dayton region for Ohio University grads.

What do you do when you’re not creating for good?

I enjoy riding my bike and bass fishing.

What is something others would never guess about you? And what advice would you give students?

I failed my first quarter at Wright State, and I was asked not to return. I joined the Air Force and returned four years later to complete my degree. Don’t give up, work hard and make your own way.