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Ohio University engineering student blog gets new look

Kaitor Kposowa and Colleen Carow | Oct 15, 2012

Ohio University engineering student blog gets new look

Kaitor Kposowa and Colleen Carow | Oct 15, 2012

Athens, Ohio (September 23, 2012) – A blog created by engineering and technology student leaders at Ohio University's Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ College of Engineering and Technology is sporting a new face.

The Engineering Ambassadors, a select group of engineering students responsible for recruiting students, helping promote the Russ College and acting as representatives for their department, created the blog with their adviser to document their activities and inspire others to pursue engineering and technology as a career.

"We want people, especially future students, to see that everything isn't about studying for a engineering and technology students at the Russ College," said Dale Masel, the group's adviser and associate professor of industrial and systems engineering. "There's time for things like intramurals and non-engineering organizations – and we encourage that," Masel said. "It's great to hear about their recreation and social activities – just to see what well-rounded individuals they are," added Masel, who is also undergraduate chair for his department.

Associate Dean for Academics Jeff Giesey, who meets with prospective students on a daily basis, explained that the blog shows aspects of student life that a visiting student might not necessarily hear about on a tour.

"The blog gives prospective and current students a good glimpse of the full lives of Russ College students," he said.

Individual ambassadors, who represent all Russ College academic programs, write posts whenever they have time or want to report on a new activity.

"I'm glad that the Russ College has supported this activity to allow us to promote the students and their work, and provide the resources to allow up to present it in a professional way," Masel said.

The blog can be viewed at