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Two industrial and systems engineering faculty two of six U.S. reps named to international board

Marissa McDaid | Oct 21, 2019
IFPR Board

Two industrial and systems engineering faculty two of six U.S. reps named to international board

Marissa McDaid | Oct 21, 2019

The International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR) has named two Ohio University Industrial and Systems Engineering professors to its board.

Gürsel Süer and Dušan Šormaz joined the IFPR board this fall as just two of only six IFPR board members representing the United States. In August, they played a significant role in coordinating the organization’s 25th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR), held in Chicago.

“Gürsel and Dušan have been involved with different aspects of IFPR's activities for many years, so they're very qualified to be selected for the board,” said Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Dale Masel. “I'm pleased they'll get a chance to shape the future of research in manufacturing.”

Süer and Šormaz hope to positively influence the participation in and promotion of IFPR conference and events in North America.

“It feels good to be recognized and accepted into this community,” said Süer. “There are only a few members from the United States, and the group is made up of senior professors whom we’ve heard of and respected for years.”

Nearly a dozen industrial and systems engineering students from Ohio University attended the August conference as well, each contributing at least one academic paper or research presentation.

Süer served on the “Future of the Manufacturing World” panel and also presented the tutorial “Enhancing Hybrid Genetic Algorithms with ML & GPU for Scheduling Problems: Case Studies” alongside Dr. Mitsuo Gen of the Tokyo University of Science and Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute. Šormaz presented the tutorial “Knowledge and Agent-based Framework for Manufacturing Planning in Industry 4.0.”

“I’m honored to be a member of this well-recognized organization,” said Šormaz. “Our goal is to promote the work of Ohio University, promote manufacturing research within the United States and to seek opportunities for collaboration.”

Süer and Šormaz were nominated by IFPR board member Cihan Dagli of the Missouri University of Science and Technology.