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Tag! Are you in it? Russ College installations open today

 | Jan 14, 2013

Tag! Are you in it? Russ College installations open today

Jan 14, 2013

Clean water. More durable highways. Cool gadgets. Safe manufacturing environments. Engineering leadership. Protect people from earthquakes. Give back to future students.

Sound familiar? It should – these words appear in tagged photos of more than 200 students, faculty and staff of the Russ College who spent a few minutes during finals week to tell how they create for good. Visit a new gallery installation opening today in the Academic & Research Center and a multimedia flipbook to see how these words have become works of art.

If you participated, you can also find your portrait in the Tag Yourself album on the Russ College Facebook page at And find your face in the multimedia flipbook at Posters throughout both buildings feature more images.

If you missed the event, on Dec. 10-11, the Academic & Research Center project hangar was a staging ground for participants to “tag” themselves by filling out a handwritten tag describing how their work improves the world around them. Then, they got their portraits snapped holding their tags.

You can still share how you create for good, though — as part of the installation, blank tags are available during business hours. Just fill one out and add it to the bulletin board.

Questions? Colleen Carow, 740.593.1488,