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Meet + Greet: Kristin Givens, Aviation Staff Instructor

 | Oct 14, 2013
Meet Kristin Givens

Meet + Greet: Kristin Givens, Aviation Staff Instructor

Oct 14, 2013


Meet the Russ College’s new crop of faculty and staff members this year in this series of interviews, and stop by their offices to greet them in person.

The Department of Aviation recently welcomed homegrown flight instructor Kristin Givens, a 2009 graduate of the program and Chillicothe native. Flying runs in her family – they have long been flying out of their own grass fields – but she’s the first to go pro.

Where did you prepare for your profession, and what was special about it?

I did all of my training with the Department of Aviation. Because of the small size of the department, I was able to get a lot of extra time with my instructors, which helped me a lot.

Was there a moment or time you knew you'd become an aviator?

Coming from an aviation family, I always knew that I would fly in one way or another.

What would you say is your professional superpower?

I moved back to Ohio from a position in Florida where I worked with several airlines instructing their future pilots. As a result, I have knowledge of the procedures that students need to know to one day become airline pilots.

At the Russ College, we "create for good." You'll be hearing this a lot because it's true. How will you "create for good" while you're at the Russ College?

I’ll be helping students increase the knowledge and skills that will help them to further themselves and their careers.

What's the most fun/weird/zany/cool/exciting/awesome thing about Athens so far?

I’ve spent most of the last 10 years in Athens, so it is just nice to be back in the area and to walk anywhere again.

What’s the best local food you've had or local spot you've visited?

There hasn’t been much time for me to visit any of the new places that have opened since I have been gone, but there are a few that I plan to look into.

What do you do when you're not creating for good?

I’m getting married next year, so much of my time is spent planning these days.

What would you tell students this semester?

Remember that this is a fun time in their lives and they should enjoy it — but always keep the future in mind.