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Vote now to send the Russ College to Mars

 | Dec 15, 2014

Vote now to send the Russ College to Mars

Dec 15, 2014


We need your help to send a piece of the Russ College to Mars in 2018.

Russ Professor of Chemical Engineering Gerri Botte’s innovative GreenBox technology has been selected as one of 10 finalists worldwide in the MarsOne University Competition -- and now has the chance to be included on the MarsOne 2018 Mars Lander.

The GreenBox converts urine to clean water, while creating hydrogen and nitrogen as byproducts. Also known as “pee to power,” the process could support human life on Mars by supplying fresh water and a reliable power source. The 2018 MarsOne mission would test the system on the planet’s surface, which would provide important data for potential inclusion on future manned missions.

There are several ways to vote. Check them out and choose what suits you. Voting ends Dec. 31.

1. Quick and easy:

“Like” the Pee2Power project image on Facebook and share with your friends. Each “like” will count as a vote.

Choose to +1 the Pee2Power project image. Each +1 will count as a vote.

Send a tweet in support of the effort, using BOTH hashtags #Pee2Power and #marsone. Each hashtag appearance (both are required) will count as a vote. Or, check the Russ College Twitter page in the next week or so and re-tweet one of our upcoming tweets.

2. A little more time, but carries the most weight in the competition:

MarsOne Online Community:
Register as part of the MarsOne community. You must make a donation -- as small as $1 -- to MarsOne (, OR purchase any item from the MarsOne shop ( You’ll then get an email invitation to register with the online community and can cast your vote on Pee2Power’s project page (

Questions? Gerardine Botte,