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Engineering Ambassador program pins seventeenth class

David Neri | Sep 6, 2016
2016-17 Engineering Ambassador pinning
Photos by Ashley Stottlemyer

Engineering Ambassador program pins seventeenth class

David Neri | Sep 6, 2016

Photos by Ashley Stottlemyer

Early last Monday morning, a small group of Russ College of Engineering and Technology juniors and seniors gathered in Stocker Center to be officially inducted into the Karol A. and Joann Ondick Engineering Ambassadors Program during a special pinning ceremony.

The newest Engineering Ambassadors, traditionally nominated by faculty and staff, will represent and promote their individual departments, lead prospective students on campus tours, and network with alumni and corporations at special events.

"These students are great representatives for their departments and the Russ College," said Dale Masel, the program's adviser and associate professor of industrial and systems engineering. "From talking to them, I'm excited to see their enthusiasm for their major and for the College, and that's something we want prospective students to experience when they visit."

As the students waited in anticipation to receive their pins from Russ College Dean Irwin, mechanical engineering senior Jane Oberhauser said she has already enjoyed showcasing the college to prospective students.

“It's an honor to be able to represent the college that gave me so much,” Oberhauser said. “As a prospective student, my decision was swayed by an influential tour. I see myself in each student I give a tour. Painting a picture of the supportive community and plentiful opportunities that were painted for me is awesome after having seen them first hand.”

For mechanical engineering junior Emily Morello, the unique characteristics of the Russ College are what moved her to become an Engineering Ambassador.

“I enjoy giving engineering advice to prospective students, as well as helping freshman engineering students,” Morello said. “The Russ College is a lot different than most engineering colleges in the sense that classes are a decent size and every professor is very approachable. I’ve always felt that I could go to all of my professors for help when necessary. They push each student to strive to become their best self and work hard.”

Industrial and Systems Engineering senior Kevin White said he’s eager to “pay it forward” to new students through mentorship.

“Deciding where to go to college and what to study can be one of the most stressful decisions a person can make, and I’m happy to offer my advice and insight to incoming students,” White said. “Whether we talk about school, engineering, sports, politics, or whatever topic we may come along, I love talking to the students.”

His top piece of advice?

“Get involved early. In high school, I played sports but wasn't involved in a single club or organization, but that didn't stop me from getting involved at Ohio University,” White explained. “Something students have to understand is that when you come to college, you start with a clean slate. It doesn't matter if you were prom king, cheer captain, or anything else in high school. You can join any organization you want to and be as involved as you want to – it's a new start.”