Ohio University

ICMT experts present in Argentina

ICMT Director and Russ Professor Srdjan Nesic, and Project Leader Luciano Paolinelli, presented at Latincorr 2018, the largest annual corrosion forum in Latin America, in October. Nesic presented an invited lecture, “Causes and mechanisms of localized corrosion of mild steel in CO2/H2S aqueous environments,” and Paolinelli presented a lecture called “Study of flow effects on CO2 corrosion of carbon steel using a thin channel flow cell.” Nesic also presented an invited lecture at the Instituto de Tecnologia Sabato, which is a part of the Universidad Nacional de San Martin and Comision Nacional de Energia Atomics in Buenos Aires. Invited by the local student section of NACE, Nesic presented “A comprehensive model of mild steel corrosion in weal acids.”