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Technical Report (2)

  • Halliday, K. 2 product liability reports.
  • Halliday, K. 8 accident reconstruction reports.

Conference Proceeding (3)

  • Pasic, H., Alam, K., Garg, D. Dynamics of a Cantilever Electrode Beam on a Vibrating Base. ASME Proceedings of the IMECE 2009.
  • Pasic, H., Khan, Z. Sieving Electrostatic Precipitator: An Innovative Pollution Control Device. St. Louis, Missouri: 2006 NSF Design, Service and Manufacturing Grantees and Research Conference.
  • Williams II, R. (2018). Eight-Cable Robocrane Extension for NASA JSC ARGOS.

Journal Article, Professional Journal (1)

Journal Article, Academic Journal (12)

  • Garlapalli, R., Spencer, M., Alam, K., Trembly, J. (2018). Integration of Heat Recovery Unit in Coal Fired Power Plants to Reduce Energy Cost of Carbon-dioxide Capture. Applied Energy; 229: 900-909.
  • Tanim, T., Bayless, D., Trembly, J. Modeling of a 5 kWe tubular solid oxide fuel cell based system operating on desulfurized JP-8 fuel for auxiliary and mobile power applications.. Journal of Power Sources; 221: 387-396.
  • Lynam, J., Reza, T., Vasquez, V., Coronella, C. Effect of Ionic Liquid Dissolution of Rice Hulls.
  • Toufiq, M., Reza, S., Lin, H., Lu, M. Hydrothermal carbonization of cow manure.
  • McGaughy, K., Toufiq Reza, M. Hydrothermal carbonization of food waste: simplified process simulation model based on experimental results. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery;
  • Coronella, J. Joan G. Lynam, M. Toufiq Reza, Wei Yan, Victor R. Vásquez & Charles.
  • McGaughy, K., Reza, T. (2018). Recovery of Macro and Micro-Nutrients by Hydrothermal Carbonization of Septage. 8. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry; 66: 1854-1862.
  • Belarbi, Z., Trembly, J. (2018). Electrochemical Processing to Capture Phosphorus from Simulated Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Waste. 13. Journal of the Electrochemical Society; 165: E685-E693.
  • Fan, W., Srisupan, M., Bryant, L., Trembly, J. (2018). Utilization of fly ash as pH adjustment for efficient immobilization and reutilization of nutrients from swine manure using hydrothermal treatment. Waste Management; 79: 709-716.
  • Able, C., Ogden, D., Trembly, J. (2018). Sustainable management of hypersaline brine waste: Zero liquid discharge via Joule-heating at supercritical condition. Desalination; 444: 84-93.
  • Chen, X., Tao, P., Li, T., Trembly, J., Liu, X. (2018). Zinc removal from model wastewater by electrocoagulation: Processing, kinetics and mechanism. October 2018. Chemical Engineering Journal; 349: 358-367.
  • Williams II, R. (2018). Algae Harvesting from Large Outdoor Ponds using a Novel Parallel Robot System. Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications; 10.

Report (2)