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Mechanical engineering students to demonstrate capstone projects that make a difference

 | Mar 27, 2017

Mechanical engineering students to demonstrate capstone projects that make a difference

Mar 27, 2017

Mechanical engineering students will demonstrate their “Designing to Make a Difference” senior capstone projects on Sat., April 1, from 9 a.m.-noon. in Stocker Center Lobby and the Academic & Research Center Living Room Atrium.  

Teams have partnered with businesses or nonprofits to meet the organizations’ unique problems with creative solutions, including a convection oven designed for people with disabilities, improved handling of compostable cutlery used in campus dining halls, and a human-powered sweeper to help clear debris from Athens’ Hockhocking Adena Bikeway.

Often entering their projects into national competitions, students have been awarded more than $100,000 from the contests in recent years. Formal presentations will take place in Stocker Center 103 throughout the morning.

Fourteen teams will demonstrate on Saturday:

  • The Mean, Green, Modeling Machines: Studying models for existing energy-efficient LEED-certified buildings to make recommendations for improvements
  • SmartShade: Smart shade that reacts to light and temperature to help regulate interior temperatures of cars
  • Smart Torque Wrench: Electronic tracking system for a torque wrench that ensures process of applying torque meets assembly requirements
  • ChefVet: Redesign of a convection oven to be more accessible for people who are differently-abled, with the design focusing on sliding doors rather than a door that opens outward
  • Microgreen Harvester: Developing a low-cost in-tray microgreen harvester that cuts the plants without allowing them to land back in the soil
  • Team ComPosterized: Improving the process of handling compostable cutlery from campus dining halls
  • Clean Sweep: Pedal-powered bike path sweeper
  • The People’s Stander: Lightweight, portable and easy-to-store standing frame for use in Botswana
  • Bottles to Boardwalk: Using plastic waste to build boardwalks for parks in Africa
  • Say Yes to the Press: Design jigs and assembly aids for use by disabled employees at SW Resources in Parkersburg
  • Team Verminator: Low-cost vermi-composting (using worms in the composting process) continuous flow reactor
  • The Log Wrastlers: Single-log hauling device that minimizes forest impact
  • Deer Fence: Collapsible deer guard fence
  • Bottles Up: Improvements to a local business’ small-scale botting line