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Industrial and Systems Engineering

Whether improving the production of automobiles to iPads, optimizing the transportation of goods across the country and the world, keeping theme park crowds flowing, or helping hospitals distribute their pharmaceuticals and scheduling their operating and emergency rooms, the work of industrial and systems engineers affects the many processes and environments you encounter every day. Companies large and small are driving a growing demand for experts in designing and improving supply chains and manufacturing, transportation and user systems in every sector of the economy.

Do you want to create for good by improving productivity, product quality, and user experiences? Explore the undergraduate and graduate industrial and systems engineering programs we offer in the Russ College, or contact the department at 740.593.1539.

Featured Story

ISE professor devotes career to creating healthier environments

Diana Schwerha

As a master’s student at West Virginia University, Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Diana Schwerha’s research was funded through a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) training program. Twenty years later, she’s leading not only her own NIOSH-funded occupational safety training project – but also Russ College ISE master’s students while they gaining hands-on experience to make the world a more efficient, safer place. Read more...