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Assessing the Potential for Occupational Exoskeletons in Ohio Manufacturing Companies

Date:  2018-2020

Collaboration between Ohio University and Virginia Tech

Diana J. Schwerha, PhD, Professor, ISE, Ohio University

Nathan McNamara, BS, Graduate Student, ISE, Ohio University

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Maury Nussbaum, PhD, CPE, H.G. Prillaman Professor, Assistant Department Head, and Graduate Program Director, ISE, Virginia Tech

Sunwook Kim, PhD, Research Scientist, ISE, Virginia Tech



This two-year field study investigated the potential for passive occupational exoskeleton use in Ohio Manufacturing companies.  During Phase I, we worked with 10 companies to determine barriers to and benefits from exoskeleton use.  During Phase II, we completed a field study at 5 companies where employees wore exoskeletons at their regular jobs and we measured perceived usability and musculoskeletal load.

The project was funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

We are currently writing the manuscripts and reports and will post links when available.