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With all the leading research being conducted at the Russ College in navigation systems, health care technology and high-performance computing, innovation is part of the educational experience you'll find here. Here is a sampling of the many patents our research faculty members have been awarded, both domestically and internationally.



  • Irwin, D. Optimization and Control of Microstructure Development During Hot Metal Working. Patent Number 6,233,500.
  • Kodi, A., Louri, A., Sarathy, A., Wang, J. Fault-and Variation-Tolerant Energy-and Area-Efficient Links for Network-on-Chips (NoCs). OU08019.
  • Kodi, A., Louri, A., Sarathy, A., Wang, J. iDEAL:Inter-Router Dual-function Energy and Area-Efficient Links for Network-on-Chips(NoCs). UA08-078.
  • Welch, L. Resource Allocation Decision Function for Resource Management Architecture and Corresponding Programs.