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Electrical engineering doctoral student receives outstanding teaching award

Tyler Prich | Apr 17, 2017
Daniel Carbaugh portrait
Photo by Ashley Stottlemyer

Electrical engineering doctoral student receives outstanding teaching award

Tyler Prich | Apr 17, 2017

Photo by Ashley Stottlemyer

A Russ College graduate student received the Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award from Ohio University’s Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) on Thursday.

Daniel Carbaugh, a third-year electrical engineering doctoral student, was one of multiple graduate teaching assistants to receive the award, which has been given out every year since 1987 by the CTL to recognize TAs for their outstanding performance. The unique selection process is conducted entirely by undergraduate students who volunteer their time to serve on the selection committee.

“It’s very encouraging to receive this award,” Carbaugh said. “It means that the students appreciate all of the hard work I put into this class.”

Carbaugh primarily teaches students studying electrical engineering and computer science in the Introduction to Computer Engineering course.

“Understanding the fundamentals is important in overall problem solving for this class and many others,” he said. “I also try to give examples which students can relate to, since computer science majors will respond better to certain examples compared to electrical engineering students.”

In addition to teaching, Carbaugh has done extensive research and published works in micro- and nano-patterning techniques for semiconductor fabrication with his advisor, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Savas Kaya, who had high praise for his student.

“Dan is a dedicated and well-focused graduate student. He has quickly become a very capable and successful researcher in my group,” Kaya said. “He has also been a top-quality TA and quickly rose to the level of graduate instructor for EE1024 laboratory, which is a quite demanding course.”

While his advisor was very happy to learn that Carbaugh received the award, he was not at all surprised.

“Dan puts 100 percent effort to all he does, and the teaching award is thus well-deserved,” Kaya said. “Graduate students who seek teaching and research excellence at the same time are the ones who will become complete academic scholars, and Dan is well on course to become one.”