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Computer Science Labs

Each of these Computer Science laboratories contains 20 computer stations and a large networked printer. They are also available to students of the electrical engineering program. Select a lab below to find out more detail about available equipment and usage.


Senior Workstation CS Laboratory - Stocker Center Room 307

This laboratory is available to Engineering students only. It contains 20 state-of-the-art Ultra 40 Sparc Stations. It supports all CS 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Internet Teaching Laboratory - Stocker Center, Room 301

This laboratory supports the CS 4750 Internet Engineering course available for our students as an elective. The course is offered every spring quarter while the lab contains five Linux boxes, five Macs and five Windows work stations, six high-end Cisco routers, twenty switches and hubs, and a complete network patch panel. The rest of the year this lab is used for research activities.

Freshman CS Laboratory - Stocker Room 107

This laboratory is available to all students. It contains 20 Sun Sparc based Workstations. It supports the following courses: ET 2100 (Introduction to C), CS 2300 (Introduction to Java), and CS 2400 (Introduction to C++ , the Unix system and the GNU environment). All three courses have scheduled laboratories.