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About Academics

Electrical engineering and computer science professions and research require a firm foundation in math and science, and our academic programs reflect that. Our curricula combine this knowledge with the cross-disciplinary understanding required to effectively collaborate and communicate highly technical ideas. Whether you want to develop the next generation of virtual health care systems or build the world’s fastest supercomputer, a Russ College education emphasizes the technical strengths and leadership ability you’ll need to succeed.

Some research specialties our faculty study include bioinformatics and smart healthcare, machine learning, signal and image processing, control systems, communication systems, power and power electronics, nano- and opto-electronics, theory of computing, computer networks, computer vision, databases, network security, distributed computing resources, very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI), aircraft navigation and landing systems, optical communications, expert systems, and computer integrated manufacturing. And in the true student-centered spirit fostered by the Russ College, our faculty members are just as actively involved in teaching as they are in research.

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