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Funding Sources

Our school offers several forms of financial aid including research assistantships, teaching assistantships and grading positions. All financial aid for graduate students is awarded competitively based on standardized test scores and academic performance.­

All forms of financial aid include a tuition scholarship and service stipend, however, stipends vary depending on the type of award. Stipends range from $8,200-$11,200 per academic year (9 months) to more than $15,000 per academic year (9 months) for some research assistantship positions.

In some cases, supplemental aid is available for highly qualified U.S. citizens. If you’re a student for whom English is not your native language, you must pass on-campus testing before receiving a teaching assistantship. We strongly encourage international students to sit for the Test of Written English before applying for admission.

If you are admitted to our program and come to Ohio University, you should not expect to be considered for either a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Assistant (GA) position until after the first year unless otherwise notified. You should note that even after the first year, there is no assurance that you will be awarded a TA or GA since: (a) the number of positions available are limited and (b) awards are made to qualified candidates on a competitive basis.

Financial aid decisions are made after admissions decisions, for which you must have your application submitted by Jan. 1. Students will usually hear they are admitted before knowing if they will be offered financial aid. Most financial aid is awarded to students starting in the fall semester. These decisions are usually made in March of each year.

In addition to these forms of financial aid offered by the school, individual faculty support students through sponsored research. Please wait until you hear about whether you are admitted before contacting individual faculty about the possibility of these types of awards.

An NSF-funded Ohio University GK-12 project offers graduate fellowships that provide a stipend of $30,000 a year plus a tuition scholarship. To apply, contact Dr. Chang Liu­ at 740.593.1249

For additional information, visit our Financial Aid ­page.