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Colby Sleek

Colby Sleek
2022-2023 Mechanical Engineering

Colby is a Mechanical Engineering student from Waterford, OH. He chose to attend Ohio University for numerous reasons. First, Russ College’s academic staff want nothing more than to see students succeed. Second, he felt a sense of home while on campus. Third, Russ College offers many opportunities to its students that will help shape and benefit them in the workforce.

In addition to serving as an Engineering Ambassador, Colby is in the OHIO Honors Program, where his learning opportunities have served to benefit him in his engineering career. Colby also serves as a Learning Community Leader, where he assists freshman in their transition to college life. He is also very active in Cru, where he serves as the sound technician.

Over the summer, Colby interned as a manufacturing engineering intern at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Marietta, OH. His projects included assisting with a new product release and working to reduce costs associated with helium leak testing within the site.

Colby also assists with COVID and other pathogen-related wastewater monitoring under Dr. Guy Riefler in the Civil Engineering department. He is responsible for collecting samples around campus, and ensuring those samples are viable for testing.

Colby also enjoys disc golf, enjoying time with friends, and traveling.