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Learning Communities


Learning Communities offer first-year students a unique way to experience your first semester. Students who participate do better in class and get a head start on developing the professional skills and attitudes that employers and graduate schools will look for after graduation.

It's simple: A small group group of engineering and technology students taking a set of linked chemistry, math and introductory engineering and technology courses, as well as a seminar course where you'll develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You study and work on projects together, support each other, and build friendships.

Our learning communities are led by a hand-picked professor who understands both engineering and technology and what it's like to be one of our students. You'll be one step closer to creating for good by applying your knowledge, passion and skills to make a sustainable mark on the world.

For more info., contact Associate Dean for Academics Deb McAvoy at 740.593.1468.

Experience Learning Communities