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Current Students

ChBE Senior Design

The Russ College of Engineering and Technology is made up of many people, buildings, and classes. But it would be nothing without our students. That’s why we’re committed to helping you succeed with a wide array of experiences, opportunities, and services.

Experiences you’ll find at the Russ College:

  • Cooperative education and professional experiences that let you get involved in real-world work.
  • Student competitions, student organizations, leadership and academic programs, student research opportunities, and peer mentoring that help you take your education even further.
  • Teaching and research opportunities that offer graduate students a chance to apply their knowledge and pass it on to others.

Services you’ll benefit from at the Russ College:

  • Academic advising guides you toward the right programs and keeps you on track to meet your goals.
  • The Dean’s open-door policy gives you a chance to share your thoughts and concerns directly.
  • The office of the Associate Dean for Academics can provide career advice, as well as help for changing classes and scheduling meeting places for organizations.
  • The Office of External Relations can communicate news about your group’s activities.
  • Outreach and mentoring programs offer valuable support to women and multicultural students.
  • Specialized math instruction taught by Russ College faculty can help students make the transition to college-level math courses.
  • The Academic Advancement Center provides math help, tutoring services, and supplemental instruction to students who need an extra boost.

Things to consider while you’re at the Russ College:

  • Taking part in career fairs, as well as visiting the career placement office and the university career services office can help make your job hunt more successful.

If you want to continue your education in engineering and technology, we have a wide range of graduate programs in an array of fields.