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ICMT to participate in national corrosion conference

 | Feb 3, 2015

ICMT to participate in national corrosion conference

Feb 3, 2015

Ohio University’s Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology (ICMT) is preparing for the NACE International CORROSION 2015 conference planned for March 15-19.

Sending a strong contingent with 15 conference participants, research will be presented in the following symposia:

CO2/H2S Corrosion in Wet Hydrocarbon-Containing Environments (TEG 059X)

  • Corrosion of Mild Steel in an Aqueous CO2 Environment - Basic Electrochemical Mechanisms Revisited - Dr. Thu Tran

State-of-the-Art Research on Corrosion Inhibitors (TEG 094X)

  • Comparison of Mono- to Di- PE Ratio in Inhibitor Formulations for Mitigation of Under Deposit Corrosion - Dr. Bruce Brown

Corrosion in Supercritical Systems (TEG 121X)

  • Effect of H2S on the Corrosion Behavior of Pipeline Steels under Supercritical CO2 Environment - Dr. Yoon-Seok Choi

Refining Industry Corrosion (TEG 205X

  • A Study of the Flow Effect on Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of Mild Steel - Dr. Gheorghe Bota.

Fluid-Induced Degradation-Corrosion, Erosion, and Their Interactions (TEG 213X)

  • Evaluation of Wall Shear Stress in Multiphase Flow and Its Effect on FeCO3 Removal - Wei Li, Dr. Yao Xiong
  • Flow Patterns and Water Wetting in Gas-Oil-Water Three-Phase Flow: A Flow Loop Study - Dr. Kee Kok Eng

Sour Corrosion (TEG 282X)

  • Mechanistic Study of the Effect of FeS Scale on H2S Corrosion of Carbon Steel - Dr. Yougui Zheng
  • Construction and Verification of Pourbaix Diagrams for Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion of Mild Steel - Jing Ning
  • Elemental Sulfur Corrosion Behavior in the Presence of Sulfur Solvent and Monoethylene Glycol - Najmaddin Yaakob

Mechanisms of Localized Corrosion (TEG 407X)

  • The Likelihood of Localized Corrosion in an H2S/CO2 Environment - Dr. Bruce Brown

Top-of-Line Corrosion (TEG 515X)

  • TLC - Dr. Marc Singer

ICMT research on CO2 corrosion, H2S corrosion, flow effects, and inhibition will also be showcased in poster sessions by Nor Roslina Rosli, Yougui Zheng, Jing Ning, Wei Li, Supat Ieamsupapong, Juan Dominguez Olivio, Saba Navabzadeh and Yuan Ding. Aria Kahyarian will present on modeling as a research in progress presentation.

ICMT personnel will also have a significant presence running conference sessions. Associate Director of Research Yoon-Seok Choi is chair of the symposium on Electrochemical Measurements (TEG 097X), Associate Director and associate director of chemical and biological engineering Professor Marc Singer is chair of the technical group dealing with Knowledge and Experience on Internal Corrosion of Pipeline Under Dewing Conditions: Top of the Line (TOL) Corrosion (TG 478), and TLC-JIP project leader Fernando Farelas-Valencia is vice-chair of Corrosion in Supercritical Systems (TEG 121X). ICMT director and Russ Professor of Chemical Engineering Srdjan Nešic, Corrosion Center Joint Industry Project (CC-JIP) leader Bruce Brown, and Marc Singer will present as invited authors in CO2 and H2S Metal Loss Corrosion - 10 Years Review (STG 31) with OHIO Adjunct Professor Moshen Achour as vice chair of the session.