Ohio University

2019 ORBCRE - ORBA Symposium

Managing our Water in a Changing World:
Social, Environmental, and Policy Perspectives


Ohio University hosted the 2019 Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education (ORBCRE) Symposium on Oct. 2-4 in Athens, Ohio. The theme for 2019 was, “Managing our Water in a Changing World: from Social, Environmental, and Policy Perspectives,” promotes research, education, and discussion related to environmental concerns in the Ohio River Basin.

Since 1985, ORBCRE has brought universities, colleges, government agencies, businesses, and individuals together along the Ohio River to address regional water-related issues and stimulate solutions.

Questions? contact Dr. Danny Che, at che@ohio.edu



8 Goal Areas:

  1. Support and Enhance Healthy and Productive Ecosystems
  2. Provide Reliable Flood Control and Risk Reduction
  3. Serve as the Nation's Most Valuable River Transportation Corridor
  4. Maintain a Supply of Abundant, Clean Water
  5. Support Local, State, and National Economies
  6. Provide World-Class Recreation Opportunities
  7. Adapt Effectively to Changing Conditions in the Basin
  8. Make Data-Driven Decisions based on Current Information and Research.