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Meet + Greet: Yanhui Fang, Lecturer & Professor Online MSCE Director for Civil Engineering

Meet the Russ College’s new crop of faculty and staff members this year in this series of interviews, and stop by their offices to greet them in person.
 | Oct 2, 2017
Yanhui Fang

Meet + Greet: Yanhui Fang, Lecturer & Professor Online MSCE Director for Civil Engineering

Oct 2, 2017

Where are you from, and what brought you to Athens?

I’m from Hangzhou, China, and originally came to Ohio University to pursue a master's degree in civil engineering. I’ve stayed in Athens ever since.

Where did you prepare for your profession (prior education), and what was most memorable about your experience?

While getting my Ph.D., I was working as a NSF GK-12 fellow for multiple years. It gave me many opportunities to teach science and engineering in a high school classroom and was the starting point of my teaching career. This experience made me confident enough to imagine myself as an effective and skilled teacher, rather than only pursuing research and development. 

Was there a moment or time you knew you'd become an engineer?

Yes and No. My idea of being an engineer is much different now -- it entails much more responsibility than I was originally aware of. For instance, I used to think being an engineer was to find solutions solely by following design manuals. Now, I’ve realized that ethics and morals are imperative, and it should be an engineer’s primary responsibility to go against conventional thinking when ethical circumstances require such, and once all current information on a given topic has been taken into consideration. 

What will you teach and/or research at the Russ College?

I’ll be teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in civil engineering, mainly in environmental engineering and water resources engineering.  I also currently serve as the director of the Online Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering program. My research interests include phyto-remediation, clean water technology, long-term flood forecasting, and the many environmental and scientific prospects of industrial hemp.

Or, your greatest professional accomplishment?

Hopefully I will be able to answer this question in a few years.

At the Russ College, we "create for good." You'll be hearing this a lot because it's true. How will you "create for good" while you're at the Russ College?

Whenever I teach a class or conduct a research project, I need to remind myself of how privileged I am to have this opportunity to educate the future architects of society -- and of the responsibilities that accompany that privilege.

And what advice would you give them heading into fall semester?

Learn to think outside of the box, for that is where innovation and scientific discovery resides.

What are you looking forward to most during your time here at the Russ College?

Conducting research that is simultaneously meaningful, pragmatic, and for the greater good.