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Graduate Student Required Procedures

A student who wishes to obtain the degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering at Ohio University must follow these procedures.

  • International students must clear through the Ohio Program for Intensive English (OPIE) before starting the graduate program in Civil Engineering.
  • The student must state his/her major area of interest.
  • The student's advisor should be identified prior to the end of the second quarter of enrollment. Until an advisor is identified, the Department Graduate Chair will assist the student in course selections. A change of advisor may be made only by a formal agreement by the faculty involved and the Department Graduate Chair.
  • The student's M.S. Committee will be selected by the major advisor with approval by the Graduate Committee. The committee will consist of at least three faculty members -- the student's major advisor, one member from the CE Department, and one member from outside the Department designated as the College Representative. A change in this committee may be made only by a formal agreement of the faculty involved and the Department Graduate Committee. The College's Committee Arrangement Form should be submitted after formation of the M.S. Committee.
  • Before the end of the second quarter of graduate study, the student should prepare a complete course-of-study schedule and a written research proposal. This should be done in collaboration with the student's advisor and approval by the student's M.S Committee and the Department Graduate Chair. Changes in the student's program of study may be allowed, but only with the approval of the advisor, the Department Graduate Chair, and the M.S. Committee.
  • The student may select either the thesis option or non-thesis special investigation/project. However, students who are supported by research funds are normally required to follow the thesis option. (This includes those students who hold Stocker Research Associateships and Fellowships).
  • At least 10 days before the date of the oral examination on the thesis or special investigation, the College's Oral Examination Arrangement Form should be submitted.
  • The final oral examination must be taken and passed before a recommendation for the degree is made. Prior to this, the student must provide each member of the committee with a copy of his/her thesis or special investigation/project with sufficient time for them to evaluate it (at least two weeks prior to the scheduled oral examination). This, of course, will follow the approval of the thesis or special investigation/project by the advisor. Three members of a four-member committee or two members of a three-person committee must vote to pass the candidate in order for the student to pass the oral examination. A student who fails this examination will be given one more opportunity to pass it. This will be at least one month after the first attempt.

    Following final approval of the thesis or special investigation, the signed Report of the Examination Form should be submitted along with two unbound copies and one bound copy of the thesis, which the Dean of the College will sign. The two unbound copies are then forwarded by the Dean's Office to the library, and the bound copy goes to the department. A copy of the special investigation/ project does not need to be submitted to the Dean's Office, only the signed Report of the Examination Form.