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Meet + Greet: Le "Jasper" Yu, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Le “Jasper” Yu recently joined Ohio University to continue his research on biomaterials that he started at the University of Connecticut.
 | Jan 27, 2020

Meet + Greet: Le "Jasper" Yu, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jan 27, 2020

Where are you from, and what brought you to Athens?
I’m originally from south part of China. My Ph.D. adviser moved to OHIO to pursue her career, and I followed her here to continue my research.

Where did you prepare for your profession, and what was most memorable about your experience?
I received my bachelor’s degree in Nanjing, China. Then, I moved to Shanghai to obtain my master’s degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before moving to Athens, I lived in Storrs, Connecticut, for more than four years to get my Ph.D.

Was there a moment or time you knew you'd become an engineer?
I would say I knew I’d become a researcher or a scientist someday, while I was a master student.

What will you teach and/or research at the Russ College?
My research will mainly focus on the development of advanced materials for biomedical applications, including anticancer drug delivery carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds and bioactive coatings.

At the Russ College, we "create for good." How will you "create for good" while you're at the Russ College?
By bringing my research skills and ideas in my field to “create for good.” People who are interested in materials science and engineering – especially biomaterials – are welcome to stop by my office and our lab to talk ideas, do research and start collaboration.

What's the most fun/weird/zany/cool/exciting/awesome thing about Athens so far? 
Athens is a beautiful and quiet town. People are so hospitable and nice here.

What’s the best local food you’ve had or local spot you've visited, and why?
We went to Dynasty restaurant the first night we arrived here. The food there really surprised us. I look forward to exploring more local foods in town.

What are some of your hobbies?
I like playing basketball and watching e-sports games in spare time.

What are you looking forward to most during your time here at the Russ College?
This is the first place I started my career after graduation. I’m looking forward to collaborating and making friends with all faculty, staff and students here.