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Ph.D. Program + Curriculum

To be considered for our Ph.D. program in chemical engineering, you’ll need at least a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or in a closely related area. You’ll build on your studies to develop expertise through a combination of coursework, research, teaching, presentation of seminars, and writing.

If you have a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, the Direct-to-Ph.D. option is available to you. If you have a master's degree in chemical engineering or in a closely related area, the traditional Ph.D. option is for you.

Special courses to make up any chemical engineering deficiency are required if you’re accepted. Contact Tom Riggs at 740.597.2797 for more info.

You’ll need to pass a qualifying examination before you’re formally accepted into the program. The exam is intentionally broad to assess proficiency in fundamental areas relevant to chemical engineering. Midway through your studies, you must pass a comprehensive examination to demonstrate your ability to formulate, refine, and present a proposal for original research. While there is no specific course requirement at the Ph.D. level, you and your advisor will develop a program of study that includes at least three Ph.D.-level (7000 or above) courses to complement the dissertation research.

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