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Research Overview

CEER has garnered international recognition for our research into unconventional applications of electrochemistry. Primarily, we focus on electrolysis and electro-synthesis of fuels and chemicals from abundant and domestic feedstock, such as the “pee-to-power” technology that turns urine waste into clean water and generates electricity for power.

CEER originated the current trend of “electrons to fuels,” the concept that fuels and petrochemicals can be developed through the direct application of electrical energy. Some of the electrochemical technologies we study include:

  • Ammonia electrolysis
  • Coal electrolysis
  • Urea (urine) electrolysis
  • Wastewater electrolysis
  • Advanced batteries
  • Recovery of energy from wastewater processing
  • Use of coal chars as fuels, nanostructures, and source material for lithium ion batteries and solar panels
  • Low-temperature coal fuel cells
  • Large-scale development of prototype technologies

For more info. on developing technology at our research center, contact CEER at 740.331.4401.