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Power has been restored to Seigfred Hall. The building has resumed normal operations. More Information

About Our Equipment

Our research center houses a range of cutting-edge equipment, much of which we also make available to university and external researchers. For more information about the equipment listed or our analytical services, contact To discuss using our equipment, submit a analytical services request form.

Materials Characterization (with in situ electrochemical analyses)

  • Transmission Electron Microscope 
  • X-Ray Diffractometer 
  • Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Tunneling Microscope 
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer 
    • Coupled with Hyperion 3000 microscope 
    • High optical resolution: < 0.07 cm-1 
  • Raman Spectrometer 
    • Compact design with spectrometer included in a confocal microscope 
    • Multiple lasers with differing wavelengths: 532 nm and 785 nm 

Electrode Fabrication 

  • Table Top Plating Line 
    • Two separate plating lines available 
    • Six 3-gallon polypropylene tanks per plating line 
  • Hot Press 
    • 20-ton hydraulic press 
    • Heated press plates 

Electrochemical Characterization 

  • Potentiostat 
    • Coupled with frequency analyzer for impedance studies 
    • High Resolution measurements with current and potentials as low as 1.5 nA and 3µV respectively 
  • Fuel Cell Testing System 
    • For single or multi-cell stack of Proton Echange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells. 
    • Maximum load of 4 kW at 200 Amperes. 
  • Bench Scale System for Coal Electrolysis 
    • Custom-built, bench-scale testing system with solution reservoirs, a coal electrolytic cell, pumps, condensers, gas collectors, and temperature controllers 
    • Continuously operational with temperatures up to and exceeding 120°C 
  • Modulated Speed Rotator and Rotating Disk Electrodes 
    • Ability to use multiple RDE tips within the same electrode or the same RDE tip with different disk samples 
    • Electrode connections make use of silver-carbon brushes as opposed to mercury

Chemical Analysis 

  • Perkin-Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 
    • Robust, flexible, and realiable system operated with acetylene as fuel 
    • Automatic burning and gas controls with easy operation via WinLab32 
  • Agilent Gas Chromatograph 
    • Equipped with electron capture and flame ionization detector 
    • Oven temperature up to 450° C with ramping rates from 0 - 120° C/min SRI Gas Chromatograph Equipped with thermal conductivity detector and two columns
    • Oven temperature ramps from room temperature to 400 °C 
  • Mettler Microbalance 
    • Hands-free operation 
    • 2.1 g capacity with 0.1µg readability 
  • Braun Glove Box
    • Two ante-chambers with an inert atmosphere created using either argon or nitrogen
    • Attainable purities of water and oxygen gas of <1ppm each
  • Parr Calorimeter
    • Microprocessor controlled with compact modular design and a removable oxygen bomb
    • Controlled calorimeter jacket to determine heat leaks via instantaneous temperature measurements
  • Perkin-Elmer Elemental Analyzer
    • Rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen content in materials
    • Fully automated with a 60-position autosample and user-friendly interface
  • Micromeritics Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer
    • Uses gas adsorption techniques to measure the surface are and porosity of solid materials
    • Capable of analyzing multiple samples independently
  • Accu-Scope Inverted Microscope
    • Microscope with objectives of 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x equipped with Pixelink digital camera
  • Buchi Rotovapor
    • Includes library with operating conditions for different solvents for optimum performance
    • Can operate at relatively low temperatures using attached vacuum pump


  • Crystal
    • Use of localized basis sets for wave functions of periodic systems from 0 to 3 dimensions
    • Automated to handle space symmetry with 230 space groups, 80 plane groups, 99 rod groups, and 45 point groups available
    • Finite element analysis software with user-friendly interface
    • Specific applications for fuel cells, batteries, electrodeposition, microfluidics and other electrochemical systems
  • Gaussian and Gaussview
    • Chemistry software for performing electronic structure calculations for both periodic and non-periodic systems
    • User-friendly interface for building compounds and analyses of results including geometrical and vibrational properties
  • Aspen Plus
    • Used in the design, simulation, and optimization of small and large scale chemical process
    • Can be interfaced with Fortran and Microsoft Excel for recursive calculations
  • Maple
    • Computer program for performing mathematical calculations and developing mathematical routines
    • Large library of applications and well-developed graphical interface
  • Materials Studio
    • Access to amorphous cell and forcite plus modules
    • Includes graphical user interface for creating input and analyzing results
  • Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)  
    • Access to additional modeling software and hardware through the facilities at OSC
    • Available software includes: ANSYS, OPENFOAM, SIESTA etc.

General Fabrication

  • Precision Diamond Saw
    • Precision sectioning of ceramics, metals and electronic components
    • Operational with a maximum speed of 500 rpm
  • Micro-Abrasive Sandblaster
    • Pinpoint beam of micro-abrasives for precision cleaning of surfaces
    • Safe operating environment ensured by a "turbo-cab" blasting cabinet
  • Resistance Spot Welder
    • Welds different metals without adding solders or filler materials
    • Can be used with thickness as low as ¼-in diameter
  • Grinder
    • Grinds coal particles into fine powders
    • Use of a porcelain jar and ZrO2 balls ensures no contamination
  • Pulverizer
    • Crush coal lumps into smaller particles
    • Can handle up to 1 kg coal samples
  • Sieve Shaker
    • Screens coal powder by particle size ranging from 38 µm - 1mm
  • Ultrasonic Bath
    • Reproducible conditions based on constant power and frequency
    • Stainless Steel body with built-in temperature control

CEER makes our state-of-the-art equipment available for use by the university community and other research entities. To take advantage of our analytical services, submit a analytical services request form.