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To complete graduation requirements, you must fill out the appropriate forms at each stage of your studies.

At least two weeks prior to the date of your oral examination, submit a copy of your thesis to each member of your thesis committee. Submit an electronic copy of the thesis in PDF format to the administrative associate in the Dean’s office for preliminary screening of the thesis for plagiarism. Submit an electronic copy of the thesis in PDF format to TAD Services for a format check. There are no forms for these steps.

By the "Post-Defense Format Review" date found in the TAD Services deadlines, submit your revised, final electronic thesis to TAD Services and to Valerie Pettit in the Dean's office, then immediately notify the BME office that you have done so. At that point, the BME office will submit your Report of Oral Thesis Examination and Dissertation Defense form to the Dean's office, which will then secure the associate dean's signature and submit the form to TAD Services. More commencement details are found at the Russ College Commencement page.