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Russ College alumni get back in the mix to celebrate Homecoming and Alumnus of the Year

Elisabeth Weems and Colleen Carow | Oct 9, 2017

Russ College alumni get back in the mix to celebrate Homecoming and Alumnus of the Year

Elisabeth Weems and Colleen Carow | Oct 9, 2017

Under beaming sun rays, Athens, Ohio, buzzed with Homecoming excitement this weekend while Ohio University’s Russ College alumni connected and swapped stories at the college’s annual tailgate. They also celebrated fellow alum Raymon B. Fogg, BSCE ‘53, HON ‘14, who was named OHIO Alumnus of the Year.

Alumni came from near and far to reconnect with one another and watch OHIO take on Central Michigan. Bryan Westlake, BSIT ‘73, drove from Nashville, Tenn. for what was his 10th reunion.

“It’s great to see the town and the ways the university has grown,” Westlake said, noting the relocation of the Russ College from its 1970s location in what is now RTEC, to Stocker Center in the 1980s. “The highlight of our trip was the Marching 110. I love the new parade route, right down Court Street.”

Westlake said the Russ College has a legacy.

“The Russ College prepared me to do anything I wanted,” Westlake said. “I could have picked any field and I felt like I had background and experience in many areas.”

Recent Russ College graduate and former Engineering Ambassador, Melinda Nelson, BSISE ‘16, said the annual tailgate can provide a valuable opportunity for students to connect with alumni in an atmosphere of celebration.

“I love that the Russ College has the history of alumni coming back,” Nelson said. “Alumni relations are excellent in our college, and it helps drive us further into the future.”

To current Russ College students, Nelson offers one important piece of advice:

“Use your resources,” Nelson said. “Your professors have networks and experience in the job field, so make sure you utilize that to the best of your ability. Also, don’t think any doors are closed just because of what your degree is in. Your degree is another stepping stone to get you where you want to go, so don’t feel limited by your major.”

Steven Crane, BSETM ‘15, said his visit to OHIO for Homecoming has been a trip down memory lane. He noted that the Russ College’s “create for good” motto has given him an advantage as a parts quality engineer for Honda, and he encourages students to take pride in their education.

“Learn so that you can truly understand, not just to pass a test,” Crane said. “You can be an engineer, but can you be one who does remarkable things and takes pride in their work?”

Fogg, Ohio University’s Alumnus of the Year, was recognized for his years as an accomplished entrepreneur and being a benevolent humanitarian. Read more and watch a video about his life and achievements.