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About Our Facilities

At Ohio University, we are fortunate to own and operate our own airport, an amenity few schools can claim. Just twelve miles southwest of the Ohio University main campus, the Ohio University Gordon K. Bush Airport is ideally suited for student training, which will allows you to get more training time in the air instead of on the ground operations. Also, the airport supports GPS, ILS, LOC, and NDB approaches for student instrument training and public use.

Our airport is staffed with FAA certified A&P mechanics on the field and all are FAA IA certified. Our mechanics maintain the fifteen aircraft in the Department of Aviation fleet, the six aircraft in the Avionics Engineering fleet, and the Ohio University Air Transportation Beech Super King Air 350. In addition to the maintenance support provided for our aircraft fleets, we offer maintenance service to the general public who have aircraft based at the field, to transient pilots, and to aircraft owners who want to fly in to have maintenance performed on their aircraft.