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  1. Our Flight curriculum is approved and compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The curriculum includes mandated stage exams (ground and flight) and flight checks. In addition, our faculty and instructional staff that administer such exams also participate in mandated annual training compliant with FAA requirements for those positions.
  2. Our Management and Flight curriculums include internship requirements for all students. The Aviation faculty developed and implemented an internship application and assessment form which faculty and students use during an advising session to ensure the internship hour level correlates with the number of credit hours requested for the internship.
  3. Management and Flight students take our capstone course, Business in Aviation, AVN 4800, and Transition to the Aviation Industry, AVN 4890. Both courses entail experiential learning through direct contact, networking opportunities with industry professionals and senior projects. Through these departmental contacts students gain the opportunity to compete for internships and the Department Chair communicates directly with those organizations about intern performance and obtains feedback from their supervisor about quality of individual performance and how the intern was or was not prepared.