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Jane Oberhauser

Ambassador 2016-2017
Mechanical Engineering

Expected Graduation: April 2017

Hometown: Thornville, Ohio

Growing up in the area, young Jane used to think Ohio University was the only college out there. As a student, the nostalgia of childhood still hits whenever she sees the beauty of campus (especially in the fall). In her past three years here, Athens has given her the chance to find adventure, growth, and fullness of life—far surpassing what she imagined as a child.

Apart from her studies and Ambassador role, Jane’s also involved in a variety of clubs. She serves as the president of Ratio Christi; a leader in CRU, a campus ministry; and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. She’s currently working on a design project with her professor and is an engineering learning community leader.

Life-giving activities for Jane include running, painting, gardening and baking.