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Career Course


ET 1500: Career Orientation

You need to learn and demonstrate basic career skills prior to entering the work force. Career Orientation, ET 1500, helps you do that, whether you seek a co-op, internship, or a full-time position. In fact, you must complete it before becoming a co-op candidate. If you entered Ohio University fall 2012 or after, ET 1500 is required.

Topics covered:

  • Career decision making
  • Writing résumés, cover letters, and references
  • Basic interviewing and behavioral interviewing skills
  • Professional dress
  • Negotiating a job offer
  • Developing a personal brand
  • Skills employers want in new employees
  • Job search strategies
  • Using social media
  • Developing hard copy and online portfolios
  • Professional etiquette
  • Networking
  • New employee etiquette and managing annual evaluations

Typical assignments:

  • Complete a self-assessment inventory
  • Write a self-assessment reaction paper
  • Write a brief paper exploring career options
  • Conduct interviews with two professionals
  • Write a short paper on professional interviews
  • Write a resume, cover letter, and reference sheet
  • Participate in a mock interview
  • Attend a career fair or other professional event to practice networking skills
  • Develop a basic online portfolio