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David Young

Research Professor
Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology
Phone: 740.593.9944

Conference Proceeding (1)

  • Tanupabrungsun, T., Brown, B., Young, D., Nesic, S. (2012). Construction and verification of Pourbaix diagram for CO2 corrosion of mild steel valid up to 250C. NACE Corrosoin Conference 2012.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (5)

  • Kuriger, R., Young, D., Mackenzie, M., Sarv, H., Trembly, J. (2016). Phase Analysis of Scale Deposition in Boiler Tubes Utilizing Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage Produced Water. March 2017. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications; 9: 1-12.
  • Xiang, Y., Yan, M., Choi, Y., Young, D., Nesic, S. (2014). Time-dependent electrochemical behavior of carbon steel in MEA-based CO2 capture process. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control; 30: 125-132.
  • Choi, Y., Nesic, S., Young, D. (2010). Effect of Impurities on the Corrosion Behavior of CO2 Transmission Pipeline Steel in Supercritical CO2-Water Environments. Asian Network for Scientific Information: Journal of Environmental Science and Technology; 44: 9233.
  • Han, J., Brown, B., Young, D., Nesic, S. (2010). Mesh-capped probe design for direct pH measurements at an actively corroding metal surface. Dusseldorf: Journal of Applied Electrochemistry/ Springer; 40: p.683.
  • Han, J., Young, D., Colijn, H., Tripathi, A., Nesic, S. (2009). Chemistry and Structure of the Passive Film on Mild Steel in CO2 Corrosion Environments. J. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research; 48: 6296.


  • Singer, M., Vu, N., Young, D., Farelas, F., Nesic, S. METHODS FOR INHIBITING METAL CORROSION. 14032.