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Jay Gunasekera

Early Retired Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Stocker Center 407

Jay Gunasekera was the chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 1991-2006. He came to the U.S. in 1981 on his sabbatical leave from Australia as a senior United States Air Force/National Research Council associate and spent one year researching in metal forming and die design at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He joined Ohio University as an associate professor in 1983, and was promoted to full professor with tenure in 1985. He was made the first Moss Professor at Ohio University in 1987 for his significant contribution to research and development in CAD/CAM and manufacturing engineering area. He developed at least six new courses at the M.S. and Ph.D. level in manufacturing processes, CAD, CAM and CIM, and attracted more than $6 million in research funding. In 1990, he helped form the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), and served as its first director. Gunasekera has advised more than 90 graduate students and has served on another 60 thesis/dissertation committees. He has undertaken research and consulting projects for the USAF, GE, Pratt & Whitney, GM, and a large number of forging companies. He has published more than 150 technical publications in refereed journals and conferences.

Research Interests: metal forming and manufacturing, streamlined extrusion dies, forging and heat treatment problems, and ring rolling


He was awarded the highest doctorate (D.Sc.) degree by the University of London in 1991 for his contribution in research and publications in the field of manufacturing engineering. He was made a Fellow of the City & Guilds of London, which is the highest honor conferred by that institution. He organized three International Conferences in Extrusion, Ring Rolling and the International Conference on Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies (AMPT 2006). He is a foundation Magnet School Professor (formerly Champion Professor in Forging) of the Forging Industry Association, Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. He is recognized in Who's Who in Engineering Education, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America, Who's Who in American Education, The International Who's Who of Intellectuals, International Leaders in Achievement, The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Men of Achievement, and Who's Who of Engineering Leader's of America.

Technical Report (1)

  • Gunasekera, J., Alam, K. (1990). Modeling of Casting Porosity in Metals. Kettering, OH: The Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC); Report # EMTEC/CT-03/TR-90-003.

Conference Proceeding (10)

  • Tamiriskandala, S., Miracle, D., Srinivasan, R., Gunasekera, J. (2006). Development of Affordable and Advanced Titanium Alloys for Potential Aerospace Applications . Las Vegas, NV: Intl Conf on Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies.
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Journal Article, Professional Journal (1)

  • Alam, K., Gunasekera, J., Singh, K. (1990). Transport Phenomena in Porosity Formation during Solidification of Castings. published in Transport Phenomena in Material Processing by ASME, Heat Transfer Division; 132: 81-87.

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (2)

  • Gunasekera, J., , . (2011). Forming Process Optimization and CAD/CAM/CAE of Dies. London: McGraw Hill.
  • Kraft, F., Gunasekera, J. (2005). Conventional Hot Extrusion. 10th Edition. ASM International (The Materials Information Society): ASM Handbook, vol.14A: Metalworking, Bulk Forming; 14A: Metalworking, Bulk Forming: 421-439.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (5)

  • Tamirisa, S., Miracle, D., Srinivasan, R., Gunasekera, J. (2006). Titanium Alloyed with Boron. 12. Washington, D.C.: ASM Journal of Advanced Materials & Processes; 164.
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  • Gunasekera, J., Gegel, H. Billet Conditioning Techniques for Manufacturing Powder Metallurgy Preforms (Bilcon Process). US Patent #4762679.