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Hajrudin Pasic

Emeriti Professor
Mechanical Engineering, ESP Lab

Hajrudin Pasic retired in June 2015. Before joining Ohio University in 1984 as a Stocker visiting professor, Pasic worked for the University of Sarajevo and worked at the European Union Research Center in Ispra, Italy, from 1989-1990. Pasic has been active in applied mechanics and in electrostatic precipitation. He has four patents, one of which has a revenue-generating license.

Research Interests: applied math, design, mechanics, pollution control

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Applied Mechanics, Stanford University, 1979; M.S., Applied Mechanics, Stanford University, 1977; M.S., Applied Mechanics, University of Belgrade, 1976; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, 1968

Conference Proceeding (13)

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Journal Article, Academic Journal (2)

  • Telenta, M., Pasic, H., Alam, K. (2007). Aerosol Modeling and Pressure Drop Simulation in a Sieving. Southampton: Computational Methods in Multiphase Flow IV, WITPress; 3-8.
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