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Journal Article, Academic Journal (8)

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Legal Brief (1)

  • Ehsan, A., Goldengorin, B., Suer, G. (2016). Two Genetic Algorithms Based on the Traveling Salesman Problem of Second Order Applied to Single Machine Scheduling.. International Journal of Production Research.

Published Editorial/op-ed/Research Comment (1)

  • Goldengorin, B., Kocheturov, A., Pardalos, P. (2016). A Pseudo-Boolean Approach to the Market Graph Analysis by Means of the p-Median Model. In Honor of Boris Mirkin's 70th Birthday: Clusters, Orders, and Trees: Methods and Applications. Springer Optimization and Its Applications; 92: 77-89.

Monograph (1)

Book, Scholarly (2)

  • Goldengorin, B., Jager, G., Pardalos, P., Turkensteen, M. (2016). Calculus of Tolerances.. Book submitted to Springer; 365 pp.
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