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Kevin Crist

Director and Professor of Chemical Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Center for Air Quality
Stocker Center 159A
Phone: 740.593.4751

Research Interests: Air Quality, Chemical Engineering, Pollution

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa, 1995

Conference Proceeding (4)

  • Kim, M., Crist, K., John, K., Kadakia, A. (2008). Modeling Study of Elemental Mercury Depletion during Plume Episodes in Ohio River Valley.. 19th IASTED International Conference:Modeling and Simulation; 620: 53-58.
  • Crist, K., Crawford, C., Khosah, R., John, K., Kim, M. (2005). Development of a Database and an Analytical Tool for the Management and Visualization of Air Pollutant Data. Chicago, IL: proceedings Environmental Data Analysis – Assessing Health and Environmental Impacts, Developing Policy and Achieving Regulatory Compliance.
  • Reddy, Y., Fahrni, J., Kim, M., Crist, K., Winter, S. (2005). Mercury Transport and Deposition in Ohio River Valley Region: Measurements at a Rural Super Site in Athens, Ohio. Minneapolis MN: proceedings AWMA Annual Conference & Exhibition.
  • Xie, H., Crist, K., Young, V. (2000). PM2.5 in Southeastern Ohio. Kalamazoo, MI: 23rd Annual Midwest Environmental Chemistry Workshop.

Journal Article, Professional Journal (1)

  • Crist, K., Carmichael, G., John, K. (1994). UV-B exposure and atmospheric ozone: evaluation of radiative flux to changes in ambient ozone levels. 3. Journal of Hazardous Materials; 37: 527-538.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (17)

  • Grant, S., Kim, M., Lin, P., Crist, K., Gosh, S., Kotamarthi, R. Mercury Deposition in the Great Lakes: Local sources, Global Background and China Emissions. Atmospheric Environment.
  • Grant, S., Crist, K. Predicted from Aerosol Optical Depth and Local Meteorological in two urban cities Ohio. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association.
  • Gosh, S., Lin, P., Kim, M., Crist, K., Grant, S. Simulation of Atmospheric Mercury with CMAQv4.7.1: Comparison with Observations. Atmospheric Environment.
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