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Douglas Goetz

Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Stocker Center 163
Phone: 740.593.1494

Before joining Ohio University in 1999, Dr. Goetz taught biomedical engineering at the University of Memphis. He served as a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and as a process engineer with Eli Lilly and Company.

Research Interests: Biomedical Engineering, Drug Delivery, Cell Adhesion, Biochemistry

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D. Cornell University

Conference Proceeding (7)

  • Bhatt, P., Lewis, C., House, D., Goetz, D., Malgor, R. (2010). Upregulation of Wnt5a transcripts in human monocytes treated with ox-LDL. Conference abstracts for the 2010 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting.
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Journal Article, Academic Journal (44)

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Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (3)

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