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Dan Wang

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
182 Mill
Phone: 740.331.4401

My Ph.D. study focused on solution manipulation of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and their applications in electrochemistry. Now My research focused on nanostructured nickel hydroxide for hydrogen energy production from urea electrolysis and graphene synthesis from coal.

Research Interests: Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and Electrochemistry: low-dimensional nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, transition metal hydroxide/oxide nanosheets and their composites) syntheses and applications in catalysis, sensors and batteries.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry 2004-2009, M.E. in Applied Chemistry 2001-2004,B.E. in Electrochemical Engineering 1995-1999


  • Wang, Dan; Yan, Wei; Santosh Vijapur; Botte, Gerardine G. Enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of urea based on nickel hydroxide nanoribbons. Journal of Power Sources (2012), 217, 498 -502
  • Wang, Dan; Yan, Wei; Botte, Gerardine G. Exfoliated nickel hydroxide nanosheets for urea electrolysis. Electrochemistry Communications (2011), 13(10), 1135-1138.
  • Wang, Dan; Chen, Liwei. Temperature and pH-Responsive Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions. Nano Letters (2007), 7(6), 1480-1484.
  • Wang, Dan; Li, Zi-Chen; Chen, Liwei. Templated Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies in Solution. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2006), 128(47), 15078-15079.
  • Wang, Dan; Ji, Wen-Xi; Li, Zi-Chen; Chen, Liwei. A Biomimetic "Polysoap" for Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersion. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2006), 128(20), 6556-6557.