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Advisory Boards

Advisory boards


Russ College academic and research unit advisory boards comprise accomplished alumni, industry experts, and emeriti faculty and staff, provide advice and counsel on industry trends and needs to help keep the college current.


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Billy Allen, BSChE '70, Eli Lilly Corporation; Linda Ankrom, MSChE '81, DuPont Engineering Polymers; Kenneth Appell, BSChE '86, MSChE '89,Solvay Specialty Polymers; Zach Barbus, Owen Corning; Dady Dadyburjor, Professor, Civil Engineering, West Virginia, MSChE ‘72; Richey M. Davis, Chemical Engineering Professor, Virginia Tech, BSCE ‘77; Jennifer Hall, BSChE '03, DuPont; John Baginski, BSChE '70, Procter & Gamble Company-retired; Jackie Kaus, BSChE '90, The Dow Chemical Company; Bob Keich , Maverick Technologies, BSCE ‘88; Dwight McVey, Chemineer a unit of NOV, BSCHE ‘08; Jack Reese, BSChE '91, Bayer Material Science; Eric Wittine, BSChE '02, American Electric Power

Civil Engineering

Mahmoud Al-Lozi, BSCE '81, MSCE '82; Charles Austin II, BSIT '81; Elizabeth Brown, BSCE ‘87; Gregory Barden BSCE '77; Stephen Busam, BSCE ’09, MSCE ‘11; Richard D. Dickerson BSCE '80; Lynn M. Egensperger BSCE '83; Dustin Fisher, BSCE ’09; Raymon B. Fogg, Sr BSCE '53, HON '14; John C. Hayward BSCE '69; Robert Heady, BSCE ’06; James A. Kriss BSCE '74; Julie Lawson, BSCE ’98, MSCE ’00, David A. Miskimen, BSCE ‘67; Trip (John R.) Morris (III), BSCE '76; Joanne Shaner, BSCE ’94, MSCE ‘96; Joseph E. Sullivan BSCE '82

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Gregg Bauer, BSEE '75; Marina Blanton; Sean Calhoun; Josh Diamond, BSCS ’97, Jeff Dill; Garth Frazier, PhD '93; Shannon Hastings, BSCS ‘00; Chris Hayes, Dean Dennis Irwin; Janis Jones, BS, ‘79; David Juedes; Timothy Kern, BSEE '92, MBA '00; Enrique Medina,  MSEE ’91, PhD ’07, Jerrel R. Mitchell; Tim Murphy, BSEE '84, MSEE '85; Shawn Ostermann; Carrie Sanders, BSEE ’00, MSEE ’07; Tim Seyfang, BSEE ’85; Constatinos Vassiliadis; Greg Williams, BSEE '89, MS '94

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Fazleena Badurdeen; MSISE ’03, PhD ’05; John Crum, BSIS ‘85; Kenneth Jansen, BSIS ’04; Shane Jenkins, BSIT ’97, MSISE ’04; Michelle L. Metts; Marie Cain, BSIS ’11, Arun Nambiar, BSISE ’04, PhD ’07; John Shook; BSIS ’92; Chandru Subramanian; Lex Tisdale, BSIS ‘85; Mr. Ross Wagner; BSIS ’97. Student Reps: Cami Jones; Alex Molnar, Alana Weszelits;

Engineering Technology and Management

Brian Bauerbach, BSIT '87; Kyle Balzer, BSIT ‘09; Chris Bollinger, BSIT '98; Grant Brumfield, Adam Covington, BSIT ’05; Brad Crouch, BSETM ’11; Jonathan Dailey, BSIT ’03; Art Eldred, BSIT ’91, Jason Holbrook, BSIT ’95, Don Klingler; Todd Macy, BSIT ’99; Jesse Megenhardt, BSIT ’07; Jack Myslenski, BSIT '73; Gina Orr (Vail), BSIT '01, MS '05; Keith Overton, BSIT '92; Jana Lazarus, BSIT ’05; Briant Sowell, BSIT ’94, Jonathan Walls; BSIT ’02, Nicholas Wyen, BSIT ‘10

Mechanical Engineering

Randy Ankrom, BSME '87, MSCHE '04; Sarah Boylan; Stephen D. Fening BSME '01, MSME '03, PhD '05; Damon Givens, BSME '08; Andy Hughes, BSME '04; Frank D. Jankowski. BSME ‘69, MSME, MBA; M. Elizabeth Martindell, BSME ’05; Brandon Quirke, BSME ’14; Richard Tumbleson, BSME ’88; Edward Peterson; Terry Russell, BSME '61; Randy Sheidler, BSME '82; Russell C. Tipton, MSME '89; Suzanne Tkach, MSME '97; Tom Wakeman, BSME '68

Robe Leadership Institute

Advisory Board: William Lozier - Assistant Director; Gregory Kremer - Mechanical Engineering; K.B. Lee - Chemical Engineering; Deb McAvoy - Civil Engineering; David Koonce - Industrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering; Thomas Scott - Industrial Technology; Jeffrey Giesey - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Dennis Irwin - Dean, Ex-officio; Charles R. Stuckey - Russ College Board of Advisors; Herman Hill - Co-director, Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program; Dan Squiller - Russ College Board of Visitors; Mark Weinberg - Director, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. Leadership: Director, David Bayless; Associate Director, Kevin Crist of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Founding Director and Dean Emeritus, T. Richard Robe

Russ College Board of Visitors

Philip Yoder, BFA '68;  BSIE '48; Mark Arnold, BSISE '81; Gregg Bauer, BSEE '75; Emmett Boyle MS '70; Deborah Burke, BSCHE '85; Richard Dickerson, BSCE '80; Gretchen Dietrich, BSIT ‘90; James D. Edwards, BSCH '70; Raymon B. Fogg, Sr., BSCE '53; Paul Gydosh, BSEE '74; Bruce Larcomb, BSCE '62; Carla Lucchino, MSIS '82; Tom Moehring, BSME ‘06, MSME '09; Cruse Moss, BSIE '48 (Lifetime member); Jack D. Myslenski, BSIT '73; David Pidwell BSEE '69, MSISE '70; Chuck Stuckey, BSME '66; Lex Tisdale, BSIS ‘85; April Welshans, BSCE '07

Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology

The Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology's board is a consortium of members who support the institute in return for access to its research data.