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Create for Good

At the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, we create for good. We educate and support engineers and technologists who can change the world for the better with passion, technical expertise, and visionary leadership.

This is our battle cry:

You could tell we were unique from early on. As kids, we liked to take things apart and find out what made them work. We still enjoy taking things apart. But even more, we love finding new ways to put them back together, making them work even better.

We’re not just good at science and math. (Although we’re very, very good at both.) We’re equally passionate about a lot of other subjects. Yes, even the arts.

You might overlook us, eagerly sharing ideas in a study group or huddled together in the lab. But it’s hard to ignore the impact we have on everything around us.

You won’t find us bragging about it – because we’re too busy thinking about what we’ll do next.

We’re the kind of people who don’t just accept the way things are. We define what they can become. For as long as we can remember, we’ve had a passion for thinking. Making. Doing. Transforming.

And at the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, we can take that passion further. With a broader base of knowledge, more hands-on research, and better collaboration with professors and students.

Because after all, we all share a set of common goals:

To create for the world.
To create for the future.
To create for good.