Student Organization Training Modules

Ohio University student organizations are more than just a way to get involved; through experiences as members and leaders of these groups, OHIO students become stronger communicators, planners and more well-rounded individuals.

These training videos will support student organization leadership teams by developing essential skills to recruit and retain members, lead meetings, manage finances, and build a sustainable organization.

President and Treasurer Training

Facilitated by Dr. Tim Bono

August 27 12p.m.-2p.m.

Memorial Auditorium

President Training Module

This video is for new and returning Presidents of Student Organizations. At the end of this training you will be able to use all the necessary functions of Bobcat Connect to better run your organization. Specifically you will learn: roster management, event registration and how to locate your account number.

Treasurer Training Module

This training is for all treasurers of student organizations. At the end of this training you will be able to use the finance function on Bobcat Connect to request SAC funding, navigate the disbursement form, understand the necessary paperwork for different expenses, how to deposit funds into your student account as well understand the auditing process.


Student Funds Available Session

This training will teach the viewer how to navigate the Oracle system. Specifically, you will learn: how to look up balances in each of your accounts, look at individual transactions and how to look up transactions from previous years.


Roster Management Training

Conference Room Reservation Example

Major Event Space Reservation Example

Outdoor Reservation Example

Recurring Conference Room Reservation Example

Tabling Reservation Example

Event Registration Training

Disbursement Training

Schedule Meetings Training


Lucid Travel Booking Instructions

Training: Student Organization Programming (PPT)

Training: Student Organization Programming (PDF)