Special Weekend Event Space Request

Ohio University hosts several special weekends for students to welcome families and friends into their OHIO experience. While student organizations typically reserve space on EMS or Astra, a special form is required for requesting space on special weekends. After submitting, student organizations will be notified of space allocations. Special weekend dates and event space requests are below.


Special Weekend Reservation Request Due Date Weekend Date
Parent's Weekend July 25, 2022 September 23-25, 2022
Dad's Weekend September 23, 2022 November 4-6, 2022
Sib's Weekend November 18, 2022 February 3-5, 2023
Mom's Weekend January 27, 2023 March 31-April 2, 2023

Access the form here. Email completed forms to involvement@ohio.edu or drop off at the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership at Baker 355.