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The online Master's in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for teachers and educators who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and have a teaching license or certificate of instruction in any content area at any age/grade-band level (Infant-Adult). Educators entering the C&I Master’s program at Ohio University are seeking opportunities to advance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in instruction, curriculum design, and evaluation. Coursework and clinical experiences in your own classrooms or non-traditional educational settings will focus on innovations in teaching, student learning, curriculum development, pedagogy, assessment, mentoring, and community involvement culminating in a Master’s Action Research project that you will complete in your own classroom, school, educational setting, or community. Please note: While working on your M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, you must also be gainfully employed as an educator in an educational setting during the Fall & Spring semesters in which you are taking courses.

Because this program is aligned with NBPTS, graduates will be prepared to sit for the NBPTS exam and submit at least one portfolio towards the NBPT certification.

Program of Study

The program was designed to be completed in four semesters. To do so you must complete three courses in the first Summer, two in the Fall, two in the Spring, and three in the second Summer. However, as with any master's program, you have five years to finish. The recommended sequence of coursework is shown in the table below (downloadable Word version).

There is an option to take additional coursework if you want to add an endorsement or develop a particular specialization or area of concentration. Consult with your advisor.

Recommended Sequence of Coursework


National Boards

First Summer


EDTE 5100 Principles of Curriculum 3 P234C134
EDTE 6900 Special Topics in Education (Formative Instructional Practices)* 3 P1234C123
EDSP 6720 Universal Design (Adv. Differentiated/Instructional Adaptations)* 3 P1234C234

Fall Semester


EDTE 6670 Teacher as Action Researcher 3 P1235C124
EDTE 5210 Foundations of Language & Diversity 3 P23C234

Spring Semester


EDTE 6940 Master’s Research Project  3 P45C1234
EDTE 6170 Portfolio Development Processes 3 P12345C34

Second Summer


EDTE 5600 Advanced Studies of Children and Adolescents 3 P123C134
EDTE 6930 Research in Education (Teaching for Social Justice)* 3 P134C234
EDCT 5011 Technology Apps. in Education (Emerging Tech for Teaching)* 3 P124C123

Total Credit Hours



* Starred courses can be taken in either the first summer or second summer.


Application Process

Prepare to include:

  1. A Brief Statement of your Qualifications and Professional Goals
    • Describe your personal and professional background, including teacher preparation, teaching field, and teaching experiences;
    • Describe your current and long-range professional goals.
  2. Official Transcripts
    • Contact the college or university where you received your bachelor’s degree to request 2 official transcripts to be sent to Ohio University Graduate College 220 Research and Technology Center Athens, OH 45701
    • Note: If you earned your bachelor’s degree at Ohio University, you do not need to request transcripts.
  3. Licensure 
    • You must hold a currently valid teaching license. Please indicate your currently valid License number. If teaching in a non-traditional educational setting, a letter of reference from your supervisor and any certificates should be submitted in your application in place of a license number.

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