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Transition to Work

Are you ready to help young people with disabilities to build successful, independent lives? The Transition to Work Endorsement is a 12 credit-hour non-degree program at Ohio University that prepares educators, special education administrators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, parents, and advocates to meet the individualized needs of adolescents and young adults with disabilities as they transition from high school to college, careers, and community settings. Through a series of 4 online courses, professionals can complete this program in one year. The TTW Endorsement can be added to the intervention specialist, or career technical license/certificate and is required for Career Assessment Specialists (CAS) and Job Training Coordinators (JTC). This program meets the licensure requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Education for the Transition to Work Endorsement.

Students holding a teaching license outside of Ohio must contact the appropriate state licensing agency to confirm acceptance/availability of the teaching endorsement in their state. There may be additional information necessary or regulations that need to be met for out-of-state entities in order for a student to be permitted to complete this experience. Unfortunately, we cannot accept students from California or Colorado at present.

Transition to Work Curriculum Credits
*Summer I EDSP 5720 Career Development and Transition Planning
Summer II EDSP 5722 Professional Competencies in Transition 3
Fall EDSP 5721 Assessment & Instruction for Transition 3
Spring EDSP 5723 Career Development: Research & Theory 3

*You can waive the Career Development & Transition Planning course if you have successfully taken an intro to transition type course within the last 5 years. You will need to submit documentation along with the application.


Endorsement certificates are not eligible for GA/GRS tuition waivers. You must have at least a 3.0 Undergraduate GPA, one letter of professional recommendation and a written statement indicating how this program will align with your professional goals to be accepted. In order to be recommended for the Endorsement, students must complete all courses with a 2.75 GPA or better and complete a 50-hour field experience in your district or other location close to home. Possible field experiences may include, but are not limited to: Summer camps, After school programs, Summer School, Tutoring and Substitute teaching. The field experience can be completed before the coursework begins as long as the student is already admitted to the program.* You will need to contact the program at specialeducation@ohio.edu to receive approval for your field experience before beginning.

Applications are now being accepted for this program (ND9997).

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