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Student Success: Lillie Booth

Student Success: Lillie Booth

Lillie Booth, president of Kappa Delta Pi’s Omega Chapter, helped the organization raise over $1,000 to renovate The Plains Elementary School’s teachers’ lounge in November 2019.

The renovation, done as part of the International Honor Society in Education’s Celebration of Teaching Service Initiative, won Kappa Delta Pi’s Celebration of Teaching Gold Award on Oct. 6.

“I do not think I have the words to describe how excited and proud I am for Kappa Delta Pi,” said Booth. “Our chapter believes that this project should honor our teachers and show that we do see them, that we see their hard work, and they are worth celebrating.”

Since being inducted into Kappa Delta Pi in 2017, Booth previously served as the Omega chapter’s fundraising/social chair (2018-2019) and recruitment chair (2019-2020), before being elected to serve as president this year.

In her executive board roles, Booth oversaw fundraising efforts, as well as the design process for the renovation project. She also played a role in choosing The Plains Elementary from a number of local schools that applied.

Booth is a senior Middle Childhood and Elementary Education major with concentrations in Social Studies and Language Arts.

Inspired by her past experiences in school, Booth knew she wanted to pursue teaching early on.

“I knew that I wanted to be a teacher that my younger self wanted and needed. Especially during those middle school years, life for these students become chaotic—

many things are changing,” she said. “I would love to be that teacher for those students, to help guide them to become the best versions of themselves and feel supported.”

Alongside student-teaching in her major, Booth works for Campus Recreation as the Work Team Chair of Club Sports.

While coordinating and overseeing the Celebration of Teaching service project last year, Booth was working full time at an off-campus job.

“I was working in a manager position, and still doing KDP and school. So to hear that we won this award while I was at the so-called ‘business’ time of my life, brings a sense of pride in me,” said Booth. “I felt extremely proud of not only my chapter but of the hard work I know I personally put in.”

After she graduates, Booth plans to teach for a few years before returning to school for a master’s degree in the education field. She also sees herself possibly becoming a school psychologist one day.

Being involved in the Celebration of Teaching project reaffirmed Booth’s passion for the field of education.

“Not many people realize what teachers do every day,” she said. “We are not only teachers, but supporters, role models, cheerleaders, motivators, dream installers, and so much more.”

To read more about Kappa Delta Pi’s renovation of The Plains Elementary School lounge, visit www.ohio.edu/news/2020/10/ohio-university-kappa-delta-pi-celebrates-local-teachers-renovation-service-project.