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Student Spotlight: Madeleine Stevens

Student Spotlight: Madeleine Stevens

Madeleine Stevens has a lot to celebrate right now and could easily be designated both a Patton College Student Success Story and Alum of the Month. Stevens was awarded the Ohio Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (OACES) Doctoral Student of the Year in May, and in August, she was conferred with the Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision.

In addition, Dr. Stevens recently accepted a position as a clinical assistant professor in Duquesne University’s Department of Counseling, Psychology, and Special Education. She is teaching master’s and doctoral coursework in their Counselor Education Program.

The OACES Doctoral Student of the Year award honors one doctoral student in counselor education and supervision in Ohio who is an outstanding leader, scholar, and counselor, and who demonstrates promise of excellence in their future career as a professional counselor.

“This honor is especially important to me,” said Dr. Stevens, “because it validates and highlights all the hard work I’ve done to become a leader, educator, scholar, supervisor, and counselor.”

Dr. Stevens was president and past-president of Ohio University’s chapter of the International Counseling Honor Society, Chi Sigma Iota. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed publications and was an Initial Review Consultant for CACREP. She has co-taught five master’s-level counselor education courses at OHIO and taught adjunct courses for other counseling programs over the last two years. She is heavily involved in Ohio’s initiatives for enhancing professional practice laws via the Ohio Counseling Association's government relations committee, as well as other regional and national organizations. And she has worked part-time as a professional counselor in college counseling centers (including OHIO’s), private practice settings, and community mental health settings.

“I believe Dr. Madeleine Stevens is an outstanding graduate of our program,” said Dr. Chris Bhat, chair of the Counseling and Higher Education program. “I was thrilled that she was recognized with the 2021 OACES Doctoral Student of the Year award. During her three years in the Ph.D. program, Maddie engaged in a variety of service and leadership roles while maintaining a focus on being successful in the Ph.D. program. I know Maddie will be a great addition to Duquesne University where she has begun her career as a Counselor Educator.” 

Dr. Stevens, who is from Youngstown, Ohio, chose Ohio University for her doctoral program because she is a proud alumna of OHIO, having received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 2011.

“I wanted the opportunity to learn from and work within a program that has a long and storied history of excellence in the counseling profession,” added Dr. Stevens. “Chi Sigma Iota was originated at Ohio University in the 1980s, and we have produced numerous high-ranking leaders in the profession since the 80s.”

Dr. Stevens can certainly be added to the list of leaders in education. Her goal was to become a counselor educator, and she just moved to Pittsburgh to realize that goal at Duquesne.